5th World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry World Association of Cultural Psychiatry October 11-13, 2018,
Pre-Congress October 10 Columbia University, New York City, USA Over 340 presenters from 40 countries across all five continents Early registration ends on September 1st at 11:59pm GMT
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Dear Colleague:

We are thrilled to announce that the scientific program of the 5th World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry is finalized and now available!
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We also want to remind you that Early Registration ends in only two weeks, on September 1, 11:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please note that after that date Regular Registration fees will apply.

In addition to providing access to your choice of plenaries, special sessions, symposia, workshops, and paper and poster presentations, registration fees include lunch and coffee/tea breaks for the day(s) you are registered to attend. Fees also include the reception and awards ceremony for Thursday participants.

We also want to remind you that Early Registration ends in only two weeks, on September 1, 11:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please note that after that date Regular Registration fees will apply.

To register, please follow this link:

Finally, we are excited to announce that the Congress will offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Social Workers in New York State at no additional cost. Attendees will receive between 5.5 to 6.5 CEUs per day, depending on the day(s) of attendance.

With over 340 presenters from 40 countries, the Congress will bring together researchers, practitioners, administrators, government officials, policymakers, and advocates from around the world to discuss ground-breaking research in culture and mental health, new interventions and cultural adaptations of interventions, and innovative programs and policies to reduce disparities across cultural groups.

Looking forward to seeing you in New York City in October!

Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD
President, 5th WCCP
President-Elect, WACP

Daniel C. Chen, MD
Co-President, 5th WCCP

Bonnie Kaiser, PhD
Chair, Program Committee, 5th WCCP

Oscar Jiménez-Solomon, MPH
Chair, Local Organizing Committee, 5th WCCP

For more information or if you have any questions about the Congress, please contact us

World Association of Cultural Psychiatry
5th World Congress

Program Schedule
Pre-Congress Day: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Time Title Speaker/Facilitator

8:00 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 9:00 Welcome and Introductions
9:00 – 12:00 Plenary 1: The Persistence of God, Spirituality, the Supernatural: Cultural Psychiatry and Mental Health Culture, Religion and Mental Health Simon Dein
Medications and/or Yellow Water?: Multiculturalism and its Discomfort in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in London Micol Ascoli
Decline and Fall of the Imaginary Dimension: Are we Moving Towards a Virtual and Fictitious Cultural Empire? Goffredo Bartocci
Film presentation: The Palio of Siena: Where the Horses Enter the Church. Horizons of Identity in a City in Central Italy Antonio Bartoli, Silvia Folchi
On Spirituality: Which Language for a Psychiatric Perspective?
Andrea Daverio, Giovanni Giacomo Rovera
Martyrdom, Suicide Terrorism, Religion, and Psychological Climate: A Cultural Psychiatry Perspective Donato Zupin, Elisa Rapisarda
12:00 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 – 4:00 Plenary 2: Clinical Case Conference with Diverse Populations: An International Perspective Presenters: Wei Qi, A. Ning Zhou, Prashanth Pillai, Vanesa Disla
Discussants: Goffredo Bartocci, Francis Lu, Mario Braakman, Muthoni Mathai
4:00 – 4:15 Closing Remarks

Program Schedule
Day 1: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time Title Speaker/Facilitator
7:00 – 8:00 Registration
8:00 – 9:30 Opening Ceremony
9:30 – 10:00 Presidential Keynote Lecture: Tonantzin-Guadalupe: A Foundational Myth Sergio Villaseñor-Bayardo
10:00 –10:30 Break
10:30 – 12:30 Keynote panel: Overcoming Mental Health Disparities in Cities North and South: The Role of Culture Gary Belkin, Graciela Rojas, Palmira dos Santos
(TBA: London representative)
12:30 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 – 3:00 Symposium 1: Stigma and Culture in China Jie Li, Mao-Sheng Ran, Zhiying Ma
Symposium 2: Innovations in Cultural Adaptations to Trauma Treatment Simon Groen, Geert Smid, Daniel Delanoë
Symposium 3: Dimensions and Consequences of Forced Displacement Simon Dein, Meryam Schouler-Ocak (chair), Hans-Jörg Assion, Levent Küey
Symposium 4: Structural Determinants of Global Mental Health Lawrence Yang, Helena Hansen, Deborah Padgett Discussant: Anna Yusim
Symposium 5: COFALP/GLADET: Migration and Mental Health in Latin America (in Spanish) Carlos Rojas Malpica, Lenika López Flores, Patricia Aceves, Sebastián Sepúlveda
Symposium 6: Culture and Global Diagnosis for Mental Disorders: A Good-Enough Fit? Geoffrey Reed, Roberto Lewis-Fernández, Corinna Hackmann, Margaret Swarbrick
Moderator: Kathleen Pike
Symposium 7: Seeking Meaning and Hope in the Opioid Crisis Robert Crupi, Daniel Chen, Anthony Maffia, Brigit Palathra
Workshop 1: Migration & Dementia in Intercultural Contexts Iris Graef-Calliess, Umut Altunoz, Ilaria Tarricone
Workshop 2: Fostering Self-Reflection and Cultural Intelligence Among a New Generation of Trainees Angela Shrestha, Surya Sabhapathy, Brandi Jackson
Workshop 3: DBT-informed Treatment for Asian-American Immigrants: Recognizing Cultural and Acculturation Factors that Inhibit Change Yuen Ling Ho, Dustin Chien
Workshop 4: Best Practices for Delivering Culturally Competent Coordinated Specialty Care Treatment for First Episode Psychosis Iruma Bello, Hong Ngo, Sarah Piscitelli, Oscar Jiménez-Solomon
3:00 – 3:30 Break
3:30 – 5:00 Symposium 8: Radicalisation and Countering Violent Extremism Kamaldeep Bhui, Neil Krishan Aggarwal, Stevan Weine, Edgar Jones
Symposium 9: Scandinavian Experiences of the Cultural Formulation Interview Valerie DeMarinis, Sigrid Haug, Signe Skammeritz
Symposium 10: Reducing Disparities in Care Across Social Groups in a State Mental Health Authority: The New York State Office of Mental Health Ann Marie Sullivan, Crystal Fuller Lewis, Roberto Lewis-Fernández
Symposium 11: Current Status of Use of Cultural Adaptation in Clinical Interactions Muhammad Irfan, Shanaya Rathod, Tariq Munshi Symposium 12: The Emergence of the Suicidal Society Michele Mattia, Pietro Barbetta, Marcelo Pakman Symposium 13: COFALP/GLADET: Important Topics in Mental Health: Self-Harm, Suicide, Religious Beliefs, and Spiritual Healing (in Spanish) Maria Dolores Ruelas, Alberto Velasco, Irma Espinosa Hernández, Paola González Castro, David Hafner, Carlos Rojas Malpica
Symposium 14: Religion: A Core Variable for Psychiatric Assessment, Care and Recovery Glen Milstein, Sidney Hankerson, Connie Svob
Workshop 5: How to Deal with Mental Health Problems of International Students from China? Xudong Zhao, Lusha Liu
Workshop 6: Tai Chi, Qigong and Breath Practices for Wellbeing and Mood Regulation Colleen Loehr, Patricia Gerbarg, Richard Brown
Workshop 7: Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Immigrant Families Through the Lens of Film and Storytelling Seeba Anam, Dinesh Sabu,
Workshop 8: How Can We Deal with Spirit Possession and Learn from Traditional Rituals in Our Work in Mental Health and Psychotherapies? Marcos de Noronha, Marjolein van Duijl
5:00 – 6:00 Art Exhibit: Jaswant Guzder
6:00 – 8:00 Reception and Awards Ceremony
WS Tseng Lifetime Achievement Award
G Bartocci Special Achievements Award
K Bhui Academic Accomplishment Award
Seva Award for Services to WACP and Contributions to Cultural Psychiatry
Pioneering Work in Cultural Psychiatry Award
Creative Education in Cultural Psychiatry Award
Arthur Kleinman
Laurence Kirmayer
Sergio Villaseñor-Bayardo
Patricia Aceves, Albert Persaud
Samuel Okpaku, Irina Kupriyanova
Jie Li, Tsuyoshi Akiyama

Program Schedule
Day 2: Friday, October 12, 2018
Time Title Speaker/Facilitator
7:30 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 10:30 Special Session 1:
Psychotherapy with Refugees
Contemporary Mental Health Services and Cultural Relevance: Global Call for Parity
Many Faces of Dissociation: Core Psychopathology and the Culturally-Shaped Façade
White Opioids: Race in the US War on Drugs that Wasn't Hans Rohlof Shanaya Rathod Vedat Sar Helena Hansen

Special Session 2:
Working with Interpreters in Mental Health
Role of Spanish-Speaking Psychiatry in Today’s Global Scene: Perspectives and Hypotheses
The Cultural Construction of the Western Conception of the Sacred: Pathoplastic and Pathogenic Consequences
Mental Health Research Capacity Building in Kenya: Addressing Disparities in Research in Low-Resource Settings
Rachel Tribe Renato Alarcón Goffredo Bartocci Muthoni Mathai
Special Session 3:

Reflections on the Integration of Art and Psychiatry: A Personal Journey
Bangkit: The Processes of Recovery from First-Episode Psychosis in Java
Training of Health Professionals to Cope with Poor Mental Health among Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Experiences from Sweden Community-Based Solutions to Achieving Mental Health Equity for Three Underserved Communities at a County Level Jaswant Guzder MA Subandi Sofie Bäärnhielm Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola
10:30 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 12:30 Symposium 15: Indigenous Community Mental Health in the USA and Canada: Engagements with Cultural Psychiatry (Part 1) William Hartmann, Emma Elliott-Groves, Jake Burack
Discussant: Joseph Gone
Symposium 16: Strengthening Mental Health Services in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Using an Action Research Model Linking University to Public Health System Byron Good, Mary Jo Good, Sofia Retnowati, Carla Marchira
Symposium 17: Psychological Climate, “Cultural Delusions” and the New Pathologies of the West Goffredo Bartocci, Micol Ascoli, Giangiacomo Rovera, Donato Zupin
Discussant: Daniel Chen
Symposium 18: Culture, Systems, and Relationships: Theoretical and Clinical Approaches Jaswant Guzder, Sharon Bond, Sarah Nguyen Moderator: Ellen Berman
Symposium 19: COFALP/GLADET: Important Topics in Mental Health: Stigma, Violence, the Family Angélica Quiroga-Garza, Marina Nava Medellín, Juana Nájera Delgado, Antonio Geraldo da Silva
Workshop 9: Globalization and Mental Health of Immigrants Yu Abe,José López-Rodas , Marcos de Noronha
Workshop 10: Life is Precious: Serving Latina Adolescents in a Culturally-Competent Manner Rosa Gil, Jennifer Humensky
Workshop 12: Peer Support in New York: An Evolving Landscape Carlton Whitmore, Celia Brown, Gita Enders
Workshop 12: Conceptual Models for Teaching Cultural Competency: Theoretical Considerations and a Case Example from the Hmong Culture Scott Sandage, James Stevens, Steven Sandage
Workshop 13: Unleashing the Promise of the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI): Using Short Films to Empower Young People to Express their Cultural Formulations and Identities Oscar Jiménez-Solomon, Chacku Matthai, Andy Ramón, Nannan Liu, Elise Padilla
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch and Business Meeting
2:00 – 3:30 Symposium 20: Indigenous Community Mental Health in the USA and Canada: Engagements with Cultural Psychiatry (Part II) Joseph Gone, Dennis Wendt, Victoria O’Keefe, Monica Skewes Discussant: Kamilla Venner
Symposium 21: Using Evidence-Based Approaches to Guide the Development of Culturally Adapted Treatments Nolan Zane, Doris Chang, Cindy Huang, Discussant: Gordon Nagayama Hall
Symposium 22: Spirituality as a Pathway to Global Mental Health Equity: Lessons from Liberia Gilberte Bastien, Dyonah Thomas, Worpoe Woahloe Symposium 23: Understanding Preferences for Depression Treatment and for Shared Decision Making in Mental Health Care Nicholas Carson, Benjamin Le Cook, Ana Progovac; Discussant: Dharma Cortés
Symposium 24: Increasing Access to Care Among Anxious Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth: Culture, Development and the Youth Anxiety Center Cristiane Duarte, María C. Zerrate, Jazmín Reyes Portillo, Rebecca Erbán de la Vega
Symposium 25: Assessments of US Veterans for Retirement Benefits Samuel Okpaku, William Lawson, Ron Armstead
Symposium 26: COFALP/GLADET: Challenges Facing the Transcultural Clinic (in French) Dominique Wintrebert, Federico Ossola, Daniel Delanoë, Thames Cornette-Borges
Workshop 14: Disrupting Resistance to Cultural Competence: Adventures in Equity Pedagogy in (Inter)Professional Practice Janet Mawhinney, Rani Srivastva
Workshop 15: Culturally Competent Reflective Practice: Integrating the Personal and the Professional Kenneth Fung, Ted Lo Workshop 16: "A Falta de Pan, Galletas": Developing A Multifamily DBT Skills Group in Spanish Maciel Campos, Alexandra Canetti, Zachary Blumkin
Poster Session
Help Seeking and Stigma Related to Perinatal Depression Treatment in Nigeria
Providing Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services to Mayan Communities in Guatemala
Improving Access to Psychotropic Medications for a Humanitarian Setting in Lebanon
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Uganda: A Decade-Long Journey from One Child Psychiatrist to a University Training Programme
Hidden in Plain Sight: A Literature Review of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Same-Sex Couples
Cultural, Contextual and Social Factors that Contribute to Depression among Women in India: A Meta-Ethnography
The Tripartite Model and Dimensions of Anxiety and Depression: An Examination of Structure Among Indian Adolescents
Preferences for Pharmacological and Psychological Interventions among Primary Care Workers Trained to Treat Depression in Nepal
Implementation of Mental Health Services After the Earthquake of September 7, 2017 in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Mental Health Global Challenges: What a Literature Search Tells Us
Why Mexicans Struggle to Follow a Healthy Diet: An Emotional and Cultural Combination
Translation, Adaptation and Validation of the Multicultural Counseling Inventory (MCI)
Evaluation for the Effects of Racial Discrimination on the Mental Health of Young Black Males in Boston Communities
Variables Related to Self-Harm in a Mexican Population of Adolescents
Socio-Demographic Profile of Asian Americans Treated for Schizophrenia in Community Mental Health Settings: Implications for Service Delivery
Psychodramatic Resources in Social Inhibition Cases
Vertical Cultural Transmission and Schizophrenia: The First Step Towards Understanding the Relationship Between Culture and Schizophrenia
The Impact of Cultural Health Capital on the Wellbeing of African American Women
Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Christian Community through Collaboration
What Does One’s Social Network Say About One’s Willingness to Talk about Mental Health? The Case of Chinese Migrants in Montreal
Beauty: The New Common Goal that Brings Together Cultures: Understanding the Psychology Behind Maxillo-Facial Plastic Surgery
Depression among Mexican Elderly: A Cultural and Contextual Analysis Exploring the Role of Social Isolation and Violence
Catatonia in the Pearl of Africa: A Case Report
Acceptability and Engagement in the Loving-Kindness Mindfulness (LKM) Smartphone App Among Chinese-American College Students: A Mixed-Methods Study
The Emergence of Gender Differences in Reported Mental Health Symptoms among Middle-School-Aged Youth Exposed to High Levels of Community and Domestic Violence
Urbanization and Culture: An Exploration of Impact on Help-Seeking and Treatment Adherence Amongst Xhosa People with Schizophrenia
Culturally Adapting an Observer-Based Measure of the Working Alliance for Black Americans
The Effects of Physical Activity and Psychological Distress Between Medical Comorbidity and HRQOL among People with Mental Illness: A Moderated Mediation Analysis
Implications of Using the Early-Childhood Development Index in High-Income Settings
Trust, Temporality and Ritualized Play in Intercultural Training Mental Health Care in Jordan: Assessing Barriers, Treatment Options, and Culture
Ecuadorian Physicians’ Attitudes Towards Mental Health Integration in Primary Care Settings: Preliminary Findings Ademola Adeponle
Alejandra Paniagua-Avila Ali Haidar Alyson Hall Amílcar Tirado Anindita Bhattacharya Anjali Jain Anvita Bhardwaj Argenis López Artin Mahdanian Arturo Panduro, Sonia María Román Maldonado Aya Yuasa Brandon Newsome Carolina Villegas Caroline Lim Cecilia Leite Costa Cindy Wu Clarencetine Brooks Claudine Jones-Bourne Dan Tao Daniele Bartocci David Camacho Diana Robinson Emily Wu Erica Gollub Goodman Sibeko Hillary Litwin Ingyu Moon Jaimie Shaff Janique Johnson-Lafleur Jenna Wheaton, Cara Pozun Jessica Keane, Qiuting Li 3:30 – 4:00 Break
4:00 – 5:3 Symposium 27: Migration to Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Mental Health and Psychiatric Services, Clinical Experiences from Different Countries Riyadh Al-Baldawi, Kees Laban, Vittorio de Luca, Solmaz Golsabahi-Broclawski
Symposium 28: Intercultural Mental Health Challenges and Opportunities and Promoting Anti-Discriminatory Practice Diana Bass, Samrad Ghane, Anna Preston
Discussant: Shanaya Rathod Moderator: Rachel Tribe
Symposium 29: Context, Adversity, Pubertal Development and the Next Generation: Findings in a Latino Subgroup Eleonor McGlinchey, Shakira Suglia, Hannah Carliner Discussant: Lauren Houghton Moderator: Glorisa Canino, Christiane Duarte
Symposium 30: Measuring Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Across Cultures Andrew Rasmussen, Bonnie Kaiser, Nuwan Jayawickreme Discussant: Brandon Kohrt
Symposium 31: Loss, Grief and Resilience: Lessons Learned Adapting Clinical Work in Disasters Across Different Cultures Carmen Vázquez, Sharon Brennan, Ani Kalayjian Moderator: Dinelia Rosa
Symposium 32: Cultivating Trauma Naoko Miyaji, Ernesto Mujica, Daniel Gaztambide
Workshop 17: Promoting Mental Health in Jordan: Challenges and Opportunities Jo Ellen Patterson, James Griffith, Todd Edwards, Hana Abu Hassan
Workshop 18: Cultural Change: Diversity Advisory Committee 1999-2018, Twenty Years of a Diversity Initiative, Successes and Future Directions Russell Lim, Francis Lu, Ruth Shim, Alan Koike
Workshop 19: All Therapy Is Cross-Cultural: A Workshop for Mastering Cultural Complexity Steven Wolin, Vincenzo di Nicola
Workshop 20: The Trauma of Immigration: Providing Ethical and Cross-Culturally Competent Care to Immigrant Populations Pamela Montano-Arteaga, Xinlin Chen, Gabrielle Shapiro, Oscar Silva
Poster Session 2
When the Campus Is Not a Sanctuary: Assessing the Psychosocial Needs of Undocumented Students and International Students
The Hall of Dragon Metamorphoses Tragedy: Life and Death in an Indigenous Mental Asylum in Taiwan 1983-2018
StrongMinds: Treating Depression at Scale in Africa
Conceptualizations of Wellbeing and Distress in Chinese International Students
Racial Implicit Bias in Psychiatry Residents and Restraint Use in the Emergency Department
Service Users as a Cultural Community: Data from the INCLUDE – US Study
Tuko Pamoja – We Are Together. Caregivers of Patients with Severe Mental Illness: Experiences of a Family Intervention in Tanga, Tanzania
Implementing the Cultural Formulation Interview in Danish Mental Health Care - What Can We Learn? A Qualitative Study of the CFI Consultations and the Perspectives of Providers, Patients and Interpreters
Evaluating the Cultural Formulation Interview – A Randomized Controlled Trial
Communicating with Refugee Students in a Pre-Bachelor's Program about Emotional Distress and Coping Strategies in the Netherlands
Mental Health Crisis and Assertive Community Treatment Teams Serving Culturally Diverse Neighborhoods in Queens, New York: Experience and Recommendations
The Impact of Traditional and Transformed Traditional Cultural Elements in the Russian Revolution
Multilingualism in Outpatient Mental Health Care Services in Germany
Suicidal Ideation in College Students
Sociocultural Factors and Health Outcomes among Schizophrenia Patients in SubSaharan Africa - A Review
Stigma in African Genomics Research on South African Xhosa patients with Schizophrenia and Patients with Rheumatic Heart Disease
Cultural Competence in Healthcare Organizations– A Scoping Review of Interventions
Clinicians' Ratings of Usefulness of Diagnostic Criteria for Depressive Disorders Among Adolescents in India
Perceived Stress and Burden in Primary Caretaker of Substance Abusers
Practices and Attitudes Toward Parents with Mental Illnesses and their Dependent Children among Mental Health Professionals: A Nationwide Survey of Japanese Psychiatric Hospitals
Incidence of Khat Use among Treatment-Seeking Somalis in Ethiopia
Depressed Latinx Elderly Adults’ Decision-Making and Information-Seeking Preference in Primary Care: Implications for Late-Life Depression Treatment
A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Contributing Factors in Anorexia Nervosa
Relationship Between Stressor and Stress Coping of Family Members of Cancer Patients
Is Exorcism of Diabolic Possession a "Therapeutic" Practice Compatible with the Juridical Criteria of Western Psychiatry?
Need for Culture-Specific & Trans-cultural Educational Modules for Psychiatrists: A Narrative Review
Improving Mental Health: A Process Evaluation Using Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of a Psychiatry Education Intervention in Mwanza, Tanzania for Medical Students
Transformation of Cultural Competence among Mental Health Practitioners with their Seven-Years’ Outreach to People in Affected Areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake
A Critical Review of Current Evidence on Multiple Discrimination and Health
Integrating Culture and Evidence: A Scoping Review of Culturally Competent Psychological Interventions for Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
A Comparison of CBT, Treatment as Usual, and Waitlist for Anxiety Disorders: Experiences with a Quasi-Experimental Comparative Study in Indonesia
Mass Hysteria - A Maldivian Perspective
Using Critical Reflexivity to Support Cultural Humility: Individual Action as a Challenge to Systemic Injustice
A Qualitative Analysis of the Psychological Process of Adolescents who Lost their Grandparents to Illness in Japan
Social Isolation among Mexican Older Adults: A Cultural and Contextual Analysis of the Relationship with Physical Health, Mental Health and Healthcare Utilization Jordan Dunn Jung-Kwang Wen Kari Frame Kathy Lin

Program Schedule
Day 3: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time Title Speaker/Facilitator
7:30 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 10:30 Paper Session 1: Fostering Cultural Competence in Mental Health Service Delivery
Programa Esperanza: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial to Optimize Mental Health Equity in Older US Latinos
The New Beginnings Clinic: Providing Effective, Culturally Competent Assessment and Treatment for Refugees
Cultural Competence as a Bridge to Health Equity
Value-Based Psychiatry
The Effect of Contact with Patients on the Attitude of Student Nurses Towards the Mentally Ill Local Music: A Resource in Music Therapy María Aranda Lisa Andermann Keva White Hasanen Al-Taiar Mohamed Fakhr El-Islam Antonio Díaz Quiroz
Paper Session 2: Cultural Adaptation of Services and Interventions
Mind the Cultural Gap: Key Domains for Cultural and Contextual Responsiveness in mhGap Adaptation and Implementation
The Acceptability of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Indonesian Mental Outpatients
Evaluation of a Culturally-Adapted Family Intervention
(Cafi) for African-Caribbeans Diagnosed with Schizophrenia: Mixed Methods Feasibility Study
A Chilean Adaptation of the Culturally Focused Interview in Santiago De Chile: Advances and Issues
The Structure and Delivery of a Behavioural Intervention to Reduce HIV Transmission amongst Serodiscordant Couples in Durban, South Africa: Conceptual Basis, Procedures, Challenges and Lessons Learnt
Exploring the Cultural Flexibility of the ACT Model as an Effective Therapeutic Group Intervention for Turkish-Speaking Communities in East London Ana Gómez Carrillo Diana Setiyawati
Dawn Edge
Sergio Ramon Florenzano
Sibongile Mashaphu
Aradhana Perry
Paper Session 3: Epidemiology and Measurement in the Clinic and the Community
A Cross-Cultural Clinical Comparison between Subjects
with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder from the United States and Brazil
Change of Treatment Status of Persons with Severe
Mental Illness from 1994 to 2015 in Rural China
Cross Cultural Comparison of Callous-Unemotional Traits– Japan vs. Other Countries The Negative Impact of an Uncertain Residence Status:
Analysis of Migration-Related Stressors in Outpatients with Turkish Migration Background and Psychiatric Disorders in Germany over a 10-Year Period (2005-2014)
The Predictive Value of Self-Report Scales Compared with Physician Diagnosis of Depression in HIV+ Patients in Harare, Zimbabwe
Schizophrenia and Stigma among Guatemalan Mayan Families
Gustavo Medeiros
Mao-Sheng Ran
Hirokazu Osada
Eckhardt Koch
Tonya Taylor
Robert Kohn
Paper Session 4: Disparities in Mental Health Care
Intersecting Identities and Mental Health Service Use among Sexual and Gender Minority Young Adults The Development of a Decision Aid to Facilitate Shared
Decision Making for Depressed Minorities in Primary Care: A Sequential Mixed-Method Exploratory Study
Exploring the Unique Contributions of Peer Specialists
Delivering Health Interventions for People with Serious Mental Illness
Peer-Based Health Interventions for People with Serious Mental Illness: A Systematic Literature Review
Evaluating a Supportive Through-the-Gate Programme for a Culturally Diverse Group of Ex-Prisoners with Mental Health Needs in South East London and Kent, UK
Acculturative Stress, Mental Health, and Willingness to Use Services Among Young Adults Living in Public Housing
Kiara Moore
Sapana Patel
Ana Stefancic
Leopoldo Cabassa
Al Aditya Khan
Andrea Cole
Paper Session 5: Psychosis Across Cultures
Treating Confined and Physically Restrained
Schizophrenics: A Model of a Culturally Sensitive Psychiatric Intervention in Bali, Indonesia
Pathways to Mental Health Care: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Tertiary Care Psychiatric Teaching Hospital, Goa, India Psychotic PTSD: Clinical Differences between
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with Secondary Psychotic Features and Schizophrenia among Refugees in the Netherlands Treatment Delay and Pathways to Psychiatric Care among People with Schizophrenia: Data from a Rural Psychiatric Center Representations of the Self in Patients with Schizophrenia after Social Interaction: Cultural and Clinical Implications The “Social Course” of the Early Phase of Psychotic
Illness: A Preliminary Descriptive Study from Yogyakarta, Indonesia Cokorda Lesmana
Neha Bhave
Mario Braakman
Anish Cherian
Daina Crafa
Nida Hasanat
Paper Session 6: Caring for Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees
PAIR.Me - Notes from an Ecological Mental Health
Intervention to Address Resettled Refugees’ Needs in Sintra, Portugal
PTSD and Other Psychiatric Disorders in Asylum Seekers in Israel
Nightmares of Traumatized Central American Refugees
Diabetes and Co-Morbid Mental Health Problems in Returned Migrants in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Example of Tajikistan Receiving the Transgender Refugee: Competent, Intersectional Care and Improved Access Cultural Psychiatry in the Context of the S.P.R.A.R.
(Protection Service for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) in Italy: The Experience of the Ethnopsychiatric and Cultural Consultation Service in Bologna, Italy
Ana Neto
Rafael Youngmann
James Boehnlein
Huvaydo Mirzoshoev
Kristen Beiers-Jones
Vincenzo Spigonardo
Paper Session 7: Critical Perspectives: Provider Training, Care Delivery, and the Opiate Crisis
Resilience as Resistance: The Politics of Identity and Self-Definition at an African-Caribbean Mental Health Centre For One’s Own Good: Positionality and Clinical Care
Performing Culture in Mental Health Education
Mental Health Care in Dark Times: Racism, Trump, Coal and the Opiate Epidemic
Addressing Mental Illness for Successful Treatment of Opioid Dependence
Cultural Issues in Medicine and the American Opioid Crisis
Kwame Phillips
Yann Zoldan
Briege Casey
Larry Merkel Elina Yushuvayev
Jon Streltzer
Paper Session 8: Novel Approaches to Global Mental Health
Community-Based, Culturally-Sensitive Mental Health Care in Congo: Results, Outcome, and Challenges
Leveraging Local Help-Seeking Norms in Rural Kenya to Expand Community-Based Mental Health Care The Case for Music Therapy as a Primary Mental Health Treatment
Development of a Mobile App for Depression in the Dominican Republic: Are we There Yet?
‘Pictures Make it Easy’ – Co-development of a Visual Tool for Mental Health Recovery in North India using Participatory Action Research
Identifying Reproducible Brain Signatures of Obsessive- Compulsive Profiles: Rationale and Methods for an International Study in Adults with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Jaak Le Roy
Tahilia Rebello
Dean Olsher
Susan Caplan
Sumeet Jain
H. Blair Simpson
Paper Session 9: Caring for Youth and Families Across Cultures
The Trajectory of a Public Mental Health Service with a Bolivian Family in Brazil
Imagining the Mind: Using Photographs to Explore Children's Worlds
Mental Health and Indigenous Issues
Developing Church-Based Low-Intensity Family Support for Immigrant Families School-Based Interventions for Depression in Indian Youth: Efficacy of Culturally Informed Brief Interventions Perceptions of Trainees and Clinicians Regarding the Meaning of Cultural Competence in Mental Health Care in India and the United States
Juliana Silva
Mónica Ruíz Casares María Beldí de Alcántara
Stevan Weine
Manjula Munivenkatappa
Vaishali Raval
Paper Session 10: Resilience and Creativity when Confronted with Distress
Vincent Van Gogh, Creativity and Mental Illness: A 21st Century Psychiatric Perspective
Art Therapy as a Culture-Focused Intervention
Mental Health, Recovery and Resilience in Burundi: What Happens in Under-Served Communities?
Artistic and Cultural Practices in Psychosocial Care: Processes of Creation and Production of Subjectivity in Mental Health in Brazil
Building Strengths and Inspiring Hope among Youth and their Communities Everyone Has to Step in: Gender, Cultural and Family- Based Solutions to Parenting for Parents with Mental Health Challenges
Images that Speak: A Photovoice Study on the Psychosocial Experience of Psychosis in a Migrant Population from Cape Verde
José Menéndez
Christina Ranjani
Nestor Nkengurutse
Elizabeth Lima
Deborah Goebert
Helle Thorning, Ellen Lukens
Salomé Xavier

10:30 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 12:30 Symposium 33: Culturally Informed Policy and Practice Approaches to Grave Public Health Problems Albert Persaud, Lloyd Sederer, Robert C. Like
Symposium 34: Improving Behavioral Health among Latino Immigrants in Two Different Countries: U.S. and Spain. Results from the International Latino Research Partnership (ILRP) Irene Falgas Bague, Margarita Alegría, Lisa Fortuna
Symposium 35: Interventions to Reduce Stigma in Low-Income Countries Varied by Context and Culture Brandon Kohrt, Dristy Gurung, Eshetu Girma, Byamah Mutamba
Symposium 36: The Occurrence of Psychotic Disorders in Low- and Middle-Income Countries and the Role of Traditional Health Practitioners Jonathan Burns, Martine van der Zeijst, Wim Veling Moderator: Hans Wijbrand Hoek
Discussants: Ezra Susser, Ida Susser
Symposium 37: Dissociative Alterations of Consciousness and their Correlation with Migration Psychopathology: Clinical Cases Michele Mattia, Camilla Callegari, Marta Ielmini
Symposium 38: Coming of Age: Bringing Cultural Psychiatry into Focus in Clinical Training and Practice George Eric Jarvis, Kenneth Fung, Assad Kassam Discussant: Lisa Andermann
Symposium 39: From Policy to Practice across the Spectrum in Transcultural Mental Health - An Australian Example Rita Prasad-Ildes, Dragos Ileana, Sara Burton
Workshop 21: Spirituality, Culture and Mental Health Anna Yusim, Judith Orloff, Richard Brown Workshop 22: When the Color of My Face Matters: Race, Discrimination and Wellness Angel Caraballo, Annie Li, Khadijah Booth-Watkins, Jennifer O’Keefe
Workshop 23: Empathy Across Difference: Discussing Our Identities as Psychiatrists Xinlin Chen, Rita Ouseph, Nadia Oryema, José Vito
Workshop 24: Disparity Deputies in the Big Apple: A Model for Fostering Cultural and Systemic Change Towards Addressing Mental Health Disparities at a Child and Adolescent Community Clinic Samantha Schindelheim, Ana Irazabal, Pooja Vekaria, Maciel Campos
12:30 – 1:15 Lunch
1:15 – 2:15 Plenary dialogue: Global-Local Tension in Global Mental Health Laurence Kirmayer, Vikram Patel
2:15 – 2:30 Break
2:30 – 4:00 Plenary panel: Future of Cultural Psychiatry Neil Krishan Aggarwal, Christine Musyimi, Rahul Shidhaye, Ingrid Vargas Huicochea, Jiangzhong Yang 4:00 – 4:45 Closing Ceremony

Approved for Social Work Continuing Education Units in the State of New York
Katrina Hui
Kelsey Clayman
Kristin Hatloy
Laura Lindberg
Malein Idar Wallin
Maria Hilda Schaeren
Mark Nathanson
Miran Pustoslemsek
Mike Mösko
Navikran Mahajan
Olaniyi Olayinka, Tolulope Olupona
Olivia Matshabane
Oriana Handtke
Pankhuri Aggarwal
Ranjive Mahajan
Rie Ueno, Hirokazu Osada
Sagal Ahmed
Sara Romero
Sarah Benkirane
Sayaka Jinno, Ishida Wataru
Simone Bellarelli
Surbhi Batra
Susan Poon, Jordan Li
Suzuki Mitsuru, Yuko Murakami, Takako Ohkawa, Kumiko Tanaka
Sylvanna Vargas
Taslim Alani-Verjee
Theo Bouman
Trupti Koli
Vashti Campbell
Wataru Ishida
Yookyong Lee, David Camacho, Anindita Bhattacharya, Ellen P. Lukens
6:30 – end Optional activities: Walking tour of Midtown, Boat tour of the Hudson River, Restaurant, 9/11 Memorial and Observatory

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Culture impacts mental illness so that culturally relevant care is needed for patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. From a social point of view, there has been rapid social and cultural change, as well as migration within and between nations. Societies are becoming multi-ethnic and poly-cultural in nature worldwide. From a clinical perspective, there is a need to improve cultural competence to provide proper psychiatric care of each patient, considering the ethnic/race/cultural background, irregardless of minority or majority status.

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